Certificates of Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing are available through the District Court CM/ECF Website found at Local Rule 83">ecf.mowd.uscourts.gov. The United States Courts, Western District of Missouri interprets "good standing" as an attorney who has fulfilled all requirements to be a member of the bar (Local Rule 83) and has no current disciplinary actions recorded. Additionally, the attorney is current with all dues required by the court. Attorneys requesting a certificate, attesting to their status, are required to pay a $19 fee.

To request a Certificate of Good Standing, the attorney must:

  • Login into the District CM/ECF Website (requesting attorney's login and password required).
  • Select Civil from the menu bar.
  • Select Certificate of Good Standing.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Pay $19 fee via www.pay.gov.

The Clerk's Office will:

  • Confirm the status of the attorney.
  • Prepare the Certificate of Good Standing and affix an electronic seal.
  • Email the Certificate of Good Standing to the requesting attorney.

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